How to set-up and use your AITO sauna

AITO is the authentic Finnish home sauna experience designed in Helsinki and built in Finland for the world to enjoy. AITO saunas are precisely made-to-order to be seamlessly and easily integrated into your everyday life and enhance your well-being with their natural qualities and easy-to-use features.

AITO sauna is a free-standing structure that requires zero construction by the customer. AITO sauna doesn't require foundations and no groundwork. AITO is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. 

Electricity and water supply

Every AITO sauna has its own main electrical center. You can electrify the sauna using 3-phase or single-phase high currency electric wiring or - extension cord. Consult a local electrician for sauna installation.

The sauna also has a built-in water connection to which it is easy to connect e.g. a garden hose. Regularly check for leaks. 

The sauna stove/heater

Every AITO Sauna is equipped with IKI electric sauna heater. The IKI sauna heaters, renowned worldwide, lie at the core of an authentic Finnish sauna experience.

Handcrafted in Finland, the birthplace of saunas, IKI premium sauna heaters utilize the finest materials, all in the name of the best löyly in the world.

The term "IKI" itself embodies the concept of eternity in Finnish, yet for our customers, it represents an assurance of exceptional quality and the durability of IKI products. IKI sauna heaters are known for their safety and timeless aesthetics. 

The stove stones should be placed in accordance with the stove manufacturer’s instructions – these will be supplied with your AITO sauna.

Sauna design

We've seen various forms of Finnish saunas, from traditional log cabins to modern urban saunas. At AITO, Sauna design and construction are taken seriously, with attention to ventilation, insulation, and the use of natural materials to achieve the authentic Finnish sauna experience.

The sauna has the right sitting height, which guarantees an even distribution of heat over the entire body. Properly implemented ventilation keeps the air oxygenated and keeps the wooden surfaces healthy and dry.

AITO is built from CLT, which is made from 100% Finnish wood. CLT is a renewable, and highly durable building material. It withstands time and different weather conditions. CLT is environmentally friendly because mass timber structures act as carbon sinks.


Every sauna has a WIFI control center with which you can turn on your sauna remotely whenever you want. Instructions are provided with the sauna.


As stated before, AITO saunas are free-standing structures that do not require any foundations or groundwork and it can be positioned on a purpose-made platform or an uneven surface.

The platform upon which an AITO sauna is positioned should be flat, load-bearing and non-compressive. And the sauna should be placed on the platform directly on the saunas steel beams.

When placing an AITO sauna on an uneven surface, we recommend removing any soil or ground cover under the sauna so that vegetation does not damage the structure. 

The saunas feet are adjustable up to 150 mm to account for uneven surfaces. 

Proper positioning of an AITO sauna, with its walls perfectly straight, will afford correct water drainage. You can test this by pouring some water on the floor in the shower area. 

Lifting AITO Sauna using a crane truck

When using a crane truck, the sauna can be lifted from above using the lifting points on the roof. But the roofing felt must first be partially removed from around the lifting points and reattached with bitumen afterwards. Re-attaching the roof and ensuring that it is watertight is the customer’s responsibility.

When lifting the sauna from above, the correct hooks must be attached to all four lifting points and the sauna can be balanced by adjusting the lengths of the lifting chains or slings.

It is vital that the correct lifting gear and hooks are used and the chains/slings can handle the load without breaking. 

Lifting AITO Sauna using a forklift truck

Using a forklift truck, the sauna can be lifted from below using long forks or long blades.

The forks must be long enough to handle the size of the sauna being lifted and the weight of the sauna must also be taken into account. The forks should be inserted from one end, between the steel beams.