Every AITO sauna is made-to-order to a customer’s specifications. Prices start from USD 34,900 inclusive of taxes, excluding shipping and delivery charges.

A range of optional extras are available at an additional cost, to personalize your AITO sauna to suit your needs.


Your AITO sauna will be delivered with everything you need to sauna, including a premium IKI wood-burning stove, olivine stones, a water bucket and even a ladle.

Every AITO sauna is delivered as a ready-to-use free-standing unit. Just connect to a water supply, plug into a standard mains electricity socket and you are all set to sauna.


Since every AITO sauna is made to order, the manufacturing process takes approximately two months, depending on the availability of materials.

Yes. After ordering, you will receive technical information about and electronic drawings of your sauna.


We guarantee the frame structure of every AITO sauna for 10 years. IKI stoves – installed in all AITO saunas – are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.


AITO saunas are designed to require as little maintenance as possible. After use, the sauna should be ventilated and cleaned. Drying excess water from surfaces is also advisable. And water drains should always be kept clear of blockages.

Every six months, the sauna should be thoroughly cleaned.

The roof should be checked once a year to ensure that it is watertight. 

The sauna’s silicone seams should be replaced every two years. 

The exterior should be re-painted every 3-6 years. 

 At the end of the warranty period, we recommend that all CLT elements are re-coated.


Depending on the model, an AITO sauna can accommodate 6-8 people at the same time.

There are two seating levels in an AITO sauna. The higher you sit, the higher the temperature. The temperature is lower on the lowest bench, which is 30 cm off the ground. To provide the best possible sauna experience, the dimensions, proportions and ventilation of AITO saunas meet the requirements of the Law of Löyly.

An AITO sauna typically heats up in about two hours, although this depends on the temperature outside. The colder it is outside the sauna, the longer it takes to heat up.

Since AITO saunas are constructed from spruce-based cross-laminated timber (CLT), harmless resin can sometimes leak from the structure and the wood will naturally change colour over time.

Yes, AITO saunas are breathable, but this does not mean that the structure can transfer moisture from the inside out or vice versa. During use, moisture is absorbed from the air into the interior of the sauna. One of the natural properties of wood is that it absorbs moisture from the air and releases moisture when the surrounding air is drier. Ventilation of the sauna ensures effective dehumidification. After using the sauna, the ventilation hatches must be fully opened and remain open until the sauna is dry.

AITO saunas are gravity ventilated, which is based on warm air rising upwards and leaving through the sauna’s outlet vents.

The structure and wooden interior elements have been designed to be unaffected by the sauna being used, but since wood is a natural material, the structure may shrink or expand due to temperature changes and moisture. Saying that, the sauna’s wooden panels will not sag and its dimensions will not change. In effect, any variations only actually take place in the moisture of surface layers.


Contrary to popular belief, a wooden structure made of CLT does not burn easily. In the event of a fire, the structural fire resistance of 100 mm CLT board is approximately 100 minutes. The same frame material is used in wooden apartment buildings, for example. Adhesives used in the process of making CLT do not contain solvents – neither do they release anything harmful during sauna use. Lastly, exterior and interior coatings used in the construction of AITO saunas are specifically made for buildings and saunas.


Currently, AITO only offers saunas fitted with an electric heater.

Yes, the basic colour options are listed on our website. When a Natural coloured sauna is ordered, the exterior colour can be tinted to any colour you wish. The interior walls and benches are available in Natural Wood, Black and Bark.

No. AITO’s three models each offer what we consider to be a premium, perfectly formed Finnish sauna experience.

As a standard, our prices include clear tempered thermal insulation glass. Either sun-protected mirrored glazing or switchable privacy glass (also known as ‘smart glass’) can be added at an additional cost.

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