The perfectly designed Finnish sauna

Outside Finland, it is not uncommon to encounter badly designed saunas. Habitual issues include ventilation faults, poor heat distribution and incorrect heater placement in relation to the seating height. 

In Finland, good design is seamlessly integrated into everyday life and surrounds Finns everywhere they go. Hence AITO saunas are impeccably designed by Finnish sauna experts for the world to enjoy.

AITO sauna is a completely pre-made, free-standing structure that requires zero construction by the customer. Simple to install, AITO saunas also require no foundations and no groundworks. AITO is essentially a plug ‘n’ play product.

AITO sauna is primarily constructed from spruce-based cross-laminated timber (CLT). 

CLT is a renewable and highly durable building material, making it perfect for the construction of high quality saunas. CLT is also environmentally friendly because mass timber structures act as carbon sinks.

Every AITO sauna is fitted with a premium IKI wood-burning stove. The very best that money can buy, IKI sauna stoves are handmade in Finland.

AITO saunas are precisely made-to-order to be seamlessly and easily integrated into your everyday life and enhance your wellbeing with their natural qualities and easy-to-use features.